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  • Mark Redar (CDL) has mentioned the possibility of reusing core ingest code(..) - trying to improve performance and mapping effectiveness.  Want to start discussions with hubs that have undertaken similar work.  
  • What are common requirements?
  • Are there pieces or a framework we can use or review across all Hubs?
  • Tom Johnson, OSU, talked about the work they're doing for Oregon Digital.
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Samuel K People: Tom Morris
Goal: make it easier for anyone to clone and hack on the DPLA frontent, and file pull requests to get patches applied to it on dp.la
Next steps: Post to github, update this page.  Test with a new frontend developer!  Github pull request filed. 
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Team and Contact:  
Ref Wordpress plugin - link?
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What our 4-hour hackfest looked like today:
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Contact: How does the team stay in touch? 
(we'd love for you to do at least some of that on this hackpad!)
Links: organizational link, github links, etc etc
What other projects it links to : where else is this referenced or used? 
Or a link to the github fork log.
OCR reconciliation - find best version of any given item (or item section).
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