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Kenny Whitebloom

1361 days ago
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Sam K Open tech committee call
Our next open committee call will take place on Wednesday, April 2 at 2:00 PM EST.  The Tech advisory committee will lead a discussion on priorities and suggestions for using the API, building data and ingest tools, and running hackathons.
Hackathons (upcoming, how to host your own)
Sam K
  • Point to the latest version of the HowTo
Kenny W Call for tech folks to apply as volunteer DPLA Community Reps
Sam K
  • Where are tech volunteers most needed?
Coordinating ingest tools
  • Works in progress; who is currently working on their own? 
API use and metrics
  • What data exists today?  Has anyone (other than funders) asked for it?  What would be useful to active API users?
Linked open data support
  • What sort of support is needed?  What's currently on the roadmap?
Ongoing discussion: on the new lists?  Pointers to the best place to hold conversation and invite new participants. 

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