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Steven Anderson

1515 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Samuel Klein , Steven Anderson , Gina Granados Palmer 1515 days ago
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Samuel K
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Javascript wrapper for a widget to embed in any site. Should eventually have different search functions. Examples and Readme should be working more completely starting October 28th.
Repo: http://github.com/scande3/dpla-discovery  (built on Freebase search widget)
Next steps: have simple low-border popup style/css.   Make the flyout for search thumbnails.  
Geolocation is currently too zoomed out, and flawed. This team is working on levels of granularity and a way for people to report (and fix?) errors
Repo: http://github.com/  (built on Jeff S's dplamap)
Status: "report error" interface works; needs a backend.  Currently there's a way to randomly cycle through entries.
Next steps: Build a backend.  Allow a  targeted way to see only those unchecked; or only new ones; or only ones within a region.
Link many photos to a record they reference
Status: widget-shell and sidecolumn enabmed.  JS, chrome plugin enabled, sidecolumn for thumbnails  
 (trying to clean up jsonp function call... scoping ... ?)
 --> goal: have a cat record assc with a set of results.  or search for media related to the author
Hacking the DPLA Frontend
In Tom's github fork of the DPLA code: how to set up the dev environment.  
Status: Guides for setup on Linux (recommended) and Windows (a few how-not-to pointers) 
Next steps: Posting this to github, updating this page.  Testing with a new frontend developer!
Calendar for related (future) work:
  • Requests (from Core Team and attendees)
Data and Data Service Hub
A hub for coordinating the sharing of datasets: to allow overlaying/combining results from queries on large datasets (GIS, &c)  - @GinaPalmer
Gina P Proposed r&d in conjunction with WorldAt, connecting world data with civic engagement.  See also cf. gapminder and dpla-map mashups.
Samuel K Client interfaces
  • Pinterest-style views
A flexible multi- visual view of large numbers of items: the results of a faceted search?
an attractive box that cycles through the newest (thumbnail) images in the collections.
that could easily be added to a web page. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: http://ncpedia.org/widget
  • Implementation in process!

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